Embracing Sadness

Allow yourself to sit through your sadness

We are conditioned to believe that we shouldn’t cry, we shouldn’t feel pain, we have to hurry up and be happy again. However, allowing yourself to be hurt and embracing those emotions are step one to healing. No, you shouldn’t stay in a funk for days or weeks but you need to accept what is. If you don’t allow yourself to accept reality because you are in a rush to be happy again then you will never heal. When we cry we are releasing issues in the tissues, we detoxify the broken heart.

One of the ways that I release my feelings is not only by allowing myself to cry but by journaling. Writing is one of the most therapeutic healing tools in the world. Being vulnerable on paper, forgiving yourself and the situation that hurt you. Don’t feel ashamed for being sad and don’t lie to yourself. Don’t say you’re happy and positive when deep down, shit hurts. Bring it to the surface and let it detach itself

“Stars can’t shine without darkness”

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