Honor the Menstrual Cycle

It’s safe to say that most women have learned to hate their period growing up. We have been reminded numerous times how awful and exhausting it can be. No one has ever taught us the benefits, beauty and sacredness of having a regular menstrual cycle. I am here to save the day for you ladies that hate your period…

Your perception is everything. How you choose to observe things will completely alter how you experience it. You won’t enjoy your period till you begin creating the open space and mind to embrace it. Let go of all the negative misconceptions you may have about your period and recognize that it is one of the most detoxifying and re-birthing rituals that your womb does.

Our womb is the seat of our Womanness as Queen Afua says. The menstrual cycle is a time to cleanse emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s a time where our bodies want to rest, recharge and prepare for the following weeks. This is also a perfect time to step into your feminine power, fertility and creativity.

“There is magic in the menstrual cycle. Each cycle provides a woman with the opportunity to understand and read the messages her body gives her for any specific healing she needs. Each cycle creates the opportunity for spiritual growth and personal development.”

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