Live in the Now

Work on yourself and love yourself all at once… 

You are the artist and the art. 

We all have a purpose. We all envision our higher self in a happier and more productive place… As we strive in this world to create our goals, it can become easy to lose focus of the Now. The endlessly fleeting Present Moment. We become so invested in our future that we forget to enjoy the gifts from God that are given to us, Now.

I am not where I want to be. However, I am exactly where I need to be. I enjoy this moment because this moment is all that I have and this moment will create my next. No matter how bad or stressful life can be, beauty can always be found because beauty does not live outside of you.

As you strive to become who you want to be, be more patient and loving with yourself. Be more patient and loving with the world. Don’t judge others because you are only judging yourself. Acknowledge the beauty within you and those around you. Judge less and embrace more. Dance, laugh, and explore. Accept who you once were and cherish this moment. 

Be free. Be here. Be happy.

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