A Writer’s Creativity

P E R S O N A L I T Y. . . . that’s what my writing could use more of…. I have always been an academic writer. School has taught me to admire straight forward, formal and educational essays, so much that I’ve completely lost my conversational touch when free writing. Well, maybe not completely… I just feel a bit disconnected from my individuality while writing. I want to start hearing more ME when I re-read my work. What better way to start than to ramble on about the originality that my work lacks. Thanks to my supportive professors and classmates, I’ve truly been exposed to the issues in my writing and to be quite honest, I appreciate every criticism. If I want to master the art of English, language and literature, then I need to begin with discovering my weaknesses.

It’s time that I begin cracking the sell around my creativity. Bringing vulnerability to the surface and owning who I am is truly key throughout this blogging journey. Because to be honest, a big part of the reason as to why my creativity even has a shell, is because of my insecurities. Reading my silly, informal thoughts can be scary. What’s too much when discussing my personal life? What are my boundaries? Where can I take risks and dive deeper into detail? I look forward to what this new journey of exploring my mind has in store for me.

Some of the ways that I plan to begin writing more creatively and fearlessly is by reading often and maintaining a daily journal to awaken my thoughts. Poetry and storytelling are also on my to-do list… Do you have any tips on how to get personality flowing through writing? Comment below with any advice you may have on creative writing and breaking through writer’s insecurity.

I look forward to your ideas! XOXO

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