Ciara Vicente


We all experience insecurity at some point in our lives.

I did everything in my power to run away from body hair as a teenager. It was hard to accept myself especially since I was constantly made fun of at school. If it wasn’t my “big” nose, it was my mustache or the weird mole I had on the back of my neck. I was called a man several times, even by the little boys that had a crush on me. Some days I’d go to the bathroom and cry my frustration out, other days I disregarded such ignorant comments. Regardless of all the emotions I felt, I always knew I was beautiful. I grew to despise bullies. Anytime I saw a classmate being bullied, I felt it was my duty to stand up for them, especially when they couldn’t stand up for themselves. I got into several physical fights, because at some point during my adolescents, I demanded respect. No one had the right to belittle me and I admired the courage I was developing. 

FullSizeRender (2)

Although these insecurities got the best of me growing up, now as a twenty two year old young adult, I could not be more in love with all the characteristics I once viewed as “flaws.” My nose has now become my daily reminder that I am my father’s daughter and I sure do love that man! For whatever reason, our society shames women with body hair. Surprisingly even women body shame other women. My millennial mindset was born feminist, therefore I constantly wonder why men are allowed to do things that women “should not” do.  This way of living has never sat well with me.

I live in my truth daily by owning who I am. I do that by admiring the things about myself that I ran away from as a teenager. I’m beautiful because my heart is beautiful, so the approval of others is no longer necessary. Spirituality has been a major tool in my self development. The more I seek to understand God, the more self love I gain. In my opinion, there is no separation between the two.  I now honor the culture and ancestry that’s living through me and for me.

Be bold. Be beautiful. Be you.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rochelly says:

    This is beautiful Ciara & i do remember at some point in highschool you asked me why dont i remove my mustache & i rold you because its who i am. Ive always felt that way. It made me who i was.


    1. C i a r a says:

      Yeah I remember those days and I now admire your strength of not allowing other people stop you from accepting yourself. You have been apart of my inspiration. Thank you!


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