Dance: My Spiritual Escape

Dance has become my s w e e t  s u r r e n d e r . . . It’s a form of expression that is essential to human nature. Through dance, we tap into vulnerability; an act that is crucial to growth and spiritual enlightenment. Lets not forget, dancing has taken place in many cultures as far back as prehistoric times. Our African ancestors danced ritualistically. For them, dancing was a way to create, heal and celebrate.

Moving my body freely makes me feel like an earth angel spreading her wings. It brings me to a state of pure bliss. A silence, perhaps a deep stillness within me as I flow in movement. My mind and body fall into a rhythmic trance. Sensation with intuitive passion.

To dance is to play in magic

Coming from a Dominican household, movement has always been a big part of my life. Growing up, I often viewed dance as an activity that was done occasionally. As I got older, I began to view movement as a powerful healing tool that should be done regularly. Just take a moment to think about how uplifted you feel when you’re lost in music and movement. It’s like dipping into a pool of confidence and enthusiasm. Imagine feeling that way on a daily basis, by incorporating 15 mins of dance into your day. Pure, intentional, self-loving, YOU time! 

I’ve integrated movement into my morning rituals and it is safe to say that I have never enjoyed my solitude as much as I do now. Dancing has opened doors of vulnerability and creativity within me. I often envision myself teaching sacred dance sessions to Sade. Connecting people to the awakening powers of their chakras. Rising the kundalini till it reaches infinity one sway at a time.

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