Hello October

Ever since the solar eclipse, it seems as if major change is taking place in everyone’s life! From break ups, friendships coming to an end, career changes and the opening of new doors, transition is happening for everyone. Now that September has passed and these changes have somewhat settled in, October brings a time of grounding and finding stability. It’s time to analyze all of these changes and align them with your purpose in life. That means stripping away the things that no longer add value to your life, such as old ways of thinking, false beliefs and unhealthy habits. The shedding of leaves during this season is no different from the shedding that needs to occur in our lives. Space needs to be cleared in order to make room for the new opportunities that life has to offer.

With that being said, it is also a powerful time to begin considering how the beginning of 2018 will look for you. People usually wait till the last week of the year to begin planting these seeds, however, I believe they should be acknowledged long before the year ends to give the universe time to shift and align you onto the path you want to embark on. 


  • Make a list of the things that have been making you feel uneasy in the past 1-2 months.
  • Release it by accepting, forgiving or finding a healthy solution to the issue.
  • Make a new list stating your goals for the rest of the year and the start of 2018
  • Say these goals out loud and to yourself. Consider a few of the things you can start doing to begin the manifesting journey.  


I accept where I am now. I accept the new changes in my life. I release all negative attitudes and behaviors that create disharmony in my path. I am in tune with my intuition and allow it to guide my every choice. I am receptive to the universe’s flow and aligned with my goals. Ashe.



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