Ecuador: The Journey of Self.

I’m spending the next 14 days in Ecuador and I could not be more excited! I’ve been needing this trip, especially after all the transition that has taken place in my life these past few months. New job, new school, new career, new home. Just about everything in my life is renewing and now more than ever, I need to disconnect in order to reconnect. I’m spending the next 2 weeks hiking the mountains of Ecuador with one of my soul sisters. I can already feel the long hours of laughter, fresh fruit, meditation and dance.

I have been setting my intentions for this trip since September. Reminding myself that this journey is to align, receive insight and dig deeper into the woman that I am evolving into. As I’ve prepped for this trip, I have come to 8 realizations and they are:

1. Friendship is EVERYTHING

2. Know when to be silent

3. Don’t search for happiness. Fill your own cup.

4. Sleep and solitude are ESSENTIAL

5. When desperate, dance! 

6. Continue tapping into your Divine Feminine. She is infinite.

7. Remain alert and receptive always

8. Laugh at yourself

– – – – – – – –

My growth has been my #1 priority and leaving the country is solely for mind, body and soul healing. In order to be my best self, I need to make time for myself and that’s what this new journey is all about.







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