Quantum Leaps

Getting to the root of our issues could take us a lifetime, or it could simply take a day, but that depends on how ready we are for change. When you seek deep mindbodyspirit transformation, the universe will begin to respond in a very interesting way. Intuition gets heavier, & there’s no ignoring the shadow work we’ve been avoiding (childhood healing). When you address your past & redefine the now, moments begin to synchronize and you start connecting the dots to your transformation…

We often ignore our intuition because we cannot differentiate it from our EGO mind. The ego mind thinks from a place of fear, the intuition speaks from a place of love, motivation and elevation. When you open up to the intuition and define it clearly, you open up your opportunities of growth. Do not fear the divine voice within. This voice will tell you what old habits must be broken, in order to recreate new ones.

Open up. Listen. Release. Redefine.

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