God, Sacrifice and Faith

In order to receive God’s blessings, we are required to Sacrifice that which is valuable to us. Our faith correlates with our ability to give. Our ability to release, trust and appreciate the abundance that surrounds us. We live in a dualistic dimension that requires balance. When you harmonize the law of giving and receiving in your life, your prayers synchronize and tap into God’s grace. You must close doors in order for others to open. Allow miracles to flow.

Through prayer, intention, faith and the law of giving and receiving you can bring forth the life you desire. Humble thyself and remember that nothing belongs to you. Possession equals attachment which is a product of illusion. The reality is that you own nothing, therefore give everything in order to receive it all. Be weary of your thoughts, they are seeds planted into the garden of your subconscious. Your soul listens and responds accordingly. When you complain and worry, you give life to darkness and lose sight of the infinite abundant Light energy that surrounds you. Every time you feel that God’s blessings are not enough, it is truthfully because your ability to receive is finite. You have not yet allowed pure receptive Light energy to flow through you.

Do not be a slave to your darkness. Do not be a slave to your disbelief. Consciousness is infinite and can bring forth pure divinity when you surrender into the unknown.

walk with the spirit of Faith

feel wholeheartedly

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