Healing’s Work

God has truly been working more than ever in my life and one of the many lessons that I’ve learned is that the very thing you loved and needed is the very thing that you must surrender and let go of in order to transform. The very thing that shakens and awakens you is the very thing that will destroy. 

It is both bitter and sweet to witness the laws of duality unfold in my life. To give, one must take, to love, one must be loved, to awaken, one must be asleep.

The year has yet to end but the transformation has been intense. My heart broke in lust. My world was turned upside down in the most divine way possible. I put the pieces of my heart back together. It took me a few months. I was naive, selfish and deeply insecure. Truth be told, I am only scratching the surface to self-love. This is a life-long journey with no destination.

It’s magnificent how wise Mother Earth is. She has guided me my entire life and now more than ever I hear her speak to me. She tells me yes or no, left or right, up or down. I cried to her endlessly and she spoke. I was indeed in for a rude awakening.

Here I am with nothing but Truth. The raw, uncut, vivid truth. Yes, it stung so bad, but I promise it hurts less the more you cry and allow yourself to express the emotions. 

Sit with your pain and watch it liberate you.

When you accept pain, when you cry, forgive and release, pain becomes your greatest teacher.

Redirecting my love internally instead of externally. I surrender my urge to love the world but not love myself. I release entities that don’t add value to my life. I release acts of fear, hate and judgement. I am ready to receive and embody the highest most divine feminine energy. I welcome her. 

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