Herb Of Grace: Rue Rituals

Herb Of Grace:

Rue Rituals

It was day two of bathing in my Rue herbal infusion, completely nude under the sun. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Alone, standing in front of my house, deep in the corn fields between Peruvian mountains. Rosemary and Rue bushes covered the entrance of the house. Every few days I picked some herbs then made a large pot of tea to drink and bathe in. Rue is known to have deep healing and cleansing properties. Indigenous Peruvian cultures use it to cleanse the energetic body. I learned about this ritual during my 4 month journey in The Sacred Valley of The Incas. I remember dreaming of days like this, where I could feel like a child again deeply immersed in nature, picking herbs and being nude around the house. Rue, also known as Ruta or herb-of-grace, is a magical, purifying plant that is used in Temazcal rituals and a variety of other ceremonies to cleanse the mind, body and spirit. The practice of bathing in Rue came to me spontaneously one day while I was menstruating. This didn’t feel like a coincidence to me. A woman’s menstrual cycle is a time of purification and letting go. Rue was introduced to me by a wonderful, visionary, art medicine woman that I met while living in the valley. Her name is Antua. She’s quite unique and special to say the least. Antua had invited me to a Temazcal ceremony a few days before my first ayahuasca ceremony. She recommended that I join her so I can begin my purging process before sitting with Ayahuasca.

Temazcales are Indigenous sweat lodge ceremonies – a steam bath used for therapeutic and spiritual purposes. My experience was profound and deeply healing. I didn’t think I’d be able to stay as long as I did. Thankfully, the chanting, singing and support of everyone else inside the tent, gave me the courage to breathe through the experience. I sat calmly with the mental and emotional challenges surfacing. Earlier that day, I watched men gather to build the Temazcal, they started a fire to begin the process of heating the stones. We were on a hill, surrounded by trees, bushes and rocks. The sun began to set and one by one we stood in line waiting our turn to enter the lodge. A medicine woman, holding a bundle of herbs in her hand, sang over each of us before entering. She chanted and brushed our skin with the herbs. I believe this was a form of initiation into the ritual but also a cleanse before the cleanse. A thin scarf wrapped around my naked body. I was both nervous and ready. I had spent the entire day preparing, consuming plenty of water and fruits. Finally everyone was inside the lodge, a few minutes after starting the ceremony with prayer and gratitude, a pot of boiled Rue was poured over the burning hot stones. Suddenly a vast amount of hot steam quickly took over the entire lodge and penetrated all of us. I can still remember the steam burning against my skin and how much my body wanted to breathe in cool air.

Just when I thought it was too intense, they poured more Rue over the hot stones. It was complete darkness. I remember hearing different noises around me coming from others. Moans, prayers, deep inhales, deep exhales. We were purging. Each of us having the same, yet unique experience. I could feel my organs purifying. I took slow and deep breaths to keep my nervous system calm. I didn’t know the women beside me but I could feel their skin rubbing against mine. Their sweat and their strength. We all held one another emotionally and spiritually. There were 17 of us in total. We cried, sweated, prayed, purged and sang in complete darkness. I remember feeling like I was going to faint, having no more energy left inside to chant but I would push through and sing along as loud as I could with everyone else. It seemed as though that was the only thing giving me the strength and courage not to faint. About 2-3 hours later, we were still chanting to the elements, the earth, thanking the stones and Pachamama for renewing our vessels, then the ceremony finally came to an end. One by one we exited the Temazcal. It was pitch black outside, by this time it was about 11pm and no moon light in sight. I rested for a few minutes eating bananas and oranges. I wasn’t yet aware that Rue was the sweet aroma that was cleansing us throughout this experience. Antua had informed me later on that this was the herb used during our ceremony and recommended that I bathe in Rue often, soaking my yoni in her essence to balance PH levels and shower my vessel in sweet love. Words could never fully describe how profound this experience was, how euphoric I felt after. The bliss of connecting with such a powerful and beautiful herb. I had never felt more at home, in my mind and in my body.

~ It’s all about the small, nourishing things in life ~

More than ever I find myself connecting with my inner wild woman. There is a wild space within all women that longs to connect with Pachamama (our sweet earth, mother, abuelita). Being born and raised in the city can very much deprive us of this vital connection. We don’t get the full taste of living, existing and dancing in nature. Going to your local park and sitting on a bench is one thing but pulling peppers from your garden, cooking with clean and organic produce and laying on the earth naked with a book in hand is another! Every wild woman needs a taste of the wild life to reawaken her ancient, wise, all knowing and all seeing woman. There’s nothing more harmonious for the female spirit. Nature is one of the most profound ways to cultivate a deep relationship with Self.

I call all women to come back home. Come back to your wild state. Where you can be free and fully one with all. The space where the herbs and oils whisper in your ear and remind you how to heal with the magic of the earth. The voice that encourages us to rub our toes in mud and kiss trees. She that recognizes beauty in all things. She who is one with the butterflies, the waterfalls and the wolves. She, The wild divine feminine that longs for play, connection, pleasure and purpose. Within every woman, She exists and she needs to be loved and nurtured so that we can evolve and transcend into our truest, multidimensional Self.


Divine Feminine energy flows through me. I channel my innate, God given gifts.

My intuition is guiding me daily in the direction that brings the most joy, pleasure, passion and purpose.

I am Queen, Goddess, Alchemist. I trust the path that I am on.


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The Child-Birthing Revolution

The Child-birthing Revolution

Now that I am 25 weeks pregnant, I’ve been reflecting on and processing the ways in which women are giving birth today. I am realizing more and more each day that we have a serious worldwide childbirthing dilemma. Especially for women of color, who are at a higher risk of having complications in hospitals. Whether you are someone who wholeheartedly knows that you want to give birth in a hospital or if you are someone like myself, who has questioned the medical system and is actively looking for more natural + organic alternatives, I welcome you here. I am sharing this blog in hopes to motivate and remind women of who they are and what they are capable of in terms of pregnancy and childbirth. I am also writing this piece because the interventions that go into childbirth at hospitals are by far outrageous and need to be completely discarded. We give large institutions power over us every time we depend on them. If we collectively started having natural births, the real childbirthing revolution would begin.

I was blessed with the news of being pregnant soon after the new year. My life has taken endless turns in planning for the arrival of a new baby as well as my transition into motherhood. My partner and I agreed that we wanted to start a family outside of New York, as well as my desire for a tropical pregnancy and birth. So we spontaneously decided that Puerto Rico would be our new home for the time being until our next chapter comes along. Finding a midwife here was incredibly easy and if I’m being honest, she fell right on our lap. Our midwife, who goes by Mumu, has birthed over 400 babies and studied for years with Indigenous Mexican birth workers and healers. In one of our most recent conversations, Mumu informed me that midwifery in Puerto Rico is illegal and I would not be able to have a midwife at my birth if I do not have an assigned doctor who I visit regularly. This was frustrating (to say the least) and for many reasons that I won’t get into. Mostly because I couldn’t believe how unsupportive the system is of natural births. Mumu also mentioned that if I do not have an assigned OB doctor by the time of my labor, and need to visit a hospital for whatever reason, they could call child services on me for my “lack of responsibility”. Therefore, my option of having a free/unassisted/midwife birth in Puerto Rico has become a challenging choice for us to make. It’s mind-blowing that women are told how to navigate a natural process like pregnancy and childbirth and if we disobey we are penalized.

Majority of women today have lost trust in their bodies and their ability to create and sustain life. We have become so dependent on “health professionals” to tell us what to do and how to do it. For eons, women have been birthing babies and yet, we do not feel capable of successfully growing new life in our womb without frequent ultrasound visits and medical interventions. I completely understand the need for reassurance throughout pregnancy to confirm that everything is okay, but most of the time, as intuitive moms in the making, we would know if something isn’t right. Either way, if something was wrong, our only two options are aborting or keeping the baby. Ultrasound scans are a new technology that began in the 1950s, prior to this women did not have or need tools to look inside the uterus to check up on the baby. We don’t go to the doctor when we’re perfectly fine and healthy, so why do we visit a doctor regularly during pregnancy? As if something is wrong with us… In terms of childbirth itself, some of the current issues I have a problem with are the inducing of labor, epidural medication, IV fluids, cesarean sections, counterproductive laboring positions such as laying flat on your back and the list goes on. All of these go against the natural birthing process and could all actually lead to complications. Sometimes what’s best for a patient is not what doctors learned in medical school. (Please note: I am aware that some women do experience complications during pregnancy and therefore need medical assistance for safety purposes, however this type of assistance should only be required if there is a real issue at hand). The reality is that hospitals make more money when more medical resources are involved and therefore they look for any opportunity to push these things onto us.

Inducing labor is an issue because it goes against the baby’s natural rhythm and cycle. Not allowing them to arrive when they are ready, rather projecting onto them when we or doctors feel that they need to arrive. Medication such as epidural anesthesia does not guarantee complete pain relief and it is known to cause possible long term back problems. What many women do not realize is that yes the epidural may numb the labor experience but it may also numb the joy and ecstasy that comes from holding your newborn baby. Numbing you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. We already have two pain relieving hormones that are released during childbirth, Oxytocin and Endorphins. These hormones leave the mother energized and happy after the delivery. Oxytocin is well known as the love hormone. It also helps prevent post pregnancy depression. With that being said, our body already contains what is necessary to support us throughout labor and birth. We are also given IV fluids at the hospital to “nourish us” and yet we are not permitted to eat or drink anything throughout the process. Do we really need fluids through a tube? Something about unnaturally diluting our blood stream with fluids doesn’t sit well with me. How did women in previous lifetimes stay nourished during labor? I think they did just fine considering we’ve made it this far. Some hospitals require that mothers pay an extra fee to hold their newborn for an extended period of time. The first few hours of human life should consist of complete uninterrupted connection between mother and child. This pure skin-to-skin contact between a newborn and their mother is called The Golden Hour, and is known to have many benefits. Unfortunately, most medical professionals overlook the importance of this and return the baby completely swaddled.

Another issue we have normalized is how soon the umbilical cord gets cut after the child is born. In hospitals, it is common for the placenta to be removed soon after the baby arrives but this could actually cause an iron deficiency. After birth, the placenta is still providing the baby with plenty of blood and nutrients but for some reason the World Health Organization recommends cutting the umbilical cord 1-3 minutes after birth because it could “cause complications to the baby”. How could the very thing that has nourished the baby for most of its womb life all of a sudden cause complications? Allowing the baby to remain connected to the placenta for a longer period of time allows for more nourishment to flow. As far as for cesarean sections, many women receiving them do not need them. Babies born through a c-section are more prone to asthma, allergies and infections. Without a natural birth, babies miss out on good bacteria present in the mother’s body. This plays a major role in the immune system of the child. Doctors nowadays are finding any and every reason to schedule a c-section, how convenient as I am sure doctors are paid more since the birth has now become a surgical procedure. It also takes less time to perform a c-section than it does to be present during an entire natural labor and birth. Allowing the doctor to see more patients in less time. None of which have a mother’s best interest at heart.

We do not need someone to tell us when or how to push during labor. This is a natural wisdom that we, as women, are born with. We aren’t taught how to have a bowel movement, yet here we are. Your body naturally does what it needs to do, when it needs to do it. If we observe the animal kingdom, most species give birth alone. No assistance needed because their instincts intuitively kick in. Animals never lay on their backs to give birth and yet, hospitals advise us to lay on our backs to push our baby out. This is extremely counter intuitive and works against nature. Fun fact: Your pelvic floor is 28% wider when you are in a squatted position, allowing more space for the baby to pass through. Birthing on your back goes against physiology and gravity, which makes it a more painful position. This can cause infant distress as well, because the woman has to work even harder to push the baby out. Mothers in an upright position (standing, kneeling, hands-and-knees, squatting etc) have an easier, faster and less painful labor. Please note that giving birth at a hospital will not necessarily reduce your chances of having an issue during labor and birth. Complications can arise at home, at a birthing center or at a hospital.

What we need collectively now more than ever is to reclaim our strength and innate womb power. Pregnancy and childbirth are not medical conditions that need to be monitored or intervened with but natural, organic processes that can be handled gracefully using the voice of intuition. Right now in Puerto Rico, it is easier and more accepted for me to give birth at a hospital than it is to give birth in the comfort of my own home, the way women have been for thousands of years. The way we are being birthed into the world is a problem. Strangers (doctors/nurses) handle babies aggressively, taking them away from the family and swaddling them soon after they’re born, allowing no skin to skin with mother. The first thing we experience when we step in the world is disconnect. All because we have lost trust and faith in our ability to handle pregnancy and childbirth successfully. We have placed all of our trust on institutions and it’s time to redirect our trust back into our womb space. We are the divine cosmic mothers, we don’t need to be told how to do this. We don’t have to fear pregnancy and childbirth, our entire existence is designed to do this!

Benefits of Natural Childbirth:

  • pushing when YOU feel ready and ability to change positions (squatting/standing) reducing the risk of vaginal tearing
  • no risk of interventions such as surgery, inducing labor or fetal monitoring (doctors have a way of making you feel as though you don’t have a choice or the need of interventions are urgent)
  • allowing the placenta is remain connected to the baby so that more nourishment and blood supply can flow
  • endless skin-to-skin contact with baby providing a strong sense of contentment and affection between mother and child
  • faster recovery + zero side effects of epidural medication
  • allowing an unlimited number of people to be present at your birth ceremony
  • natural birth is empowering and allows you to feel more connected to your womb and divine strength

Above all else, natural childbirths are not always an option for all women. If you have had complications throughout your pregnancy or have a history of health issues please be careful and make sure that you will not be putting yourself or your baby in danger. Educate yourself further and speak to someone who can help support you while making the decision that is best for you.

I encourage you to do your own research and educate yourself further on birth options available to you. Below I have listed some books and resources that have been very helpful for me during this time. I trust they will resonate with you as well.

Book References:

  • Birthing From Within by Pam England and Rob Horowitz
  • The Unassisted Baby by Anita Evensen
  • Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin

Artwork by @spiritysol

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In The Heart Of Tulum

In the midst of everything currently taking place in the world, I managed to escape New York for 3 weeks and end my Summer 2020 in Mexico. What’s funny is that this trip was originally supposed to be a road trip through Arizona and into California but for the sake of saving some coin and being the wonderfully impulsive Scorpio moon that I am, I thought Tulum would be much more up my alley.

I’ve traveled to many beautiful places over the last few years and never actually made the effort to make a list of my stays, favorite things to do and eat. Since Mexico has been such a hotspot for travelers lately, I thought I’d challenge myself to make some travel content for my social media friends who constantly ask me questions about my travels.

Can I just begin by saying that I’d move to Tulum! Being the Dominicanita that I am, Tulum truly feels close to home. Palm trees, beaches, Spanish speaking natives and amazing food everywhere… there isn’t much to not love. The cherry on top for me is the diversity in people and the abundance of vegan/vegetarian options everywhere.

Our first night was spent in Cancun, mainly because we arrived later in the afternoon and I didn’t want to do much commuting. We stayed in this beachfront private room that was truly a dream. It was rather small and did not have a kitchen but it definitely got the job done and I mean, THE VIEW! Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of this place but the airbnb listing has everything you need to know here,

Truth be told, my favorite kind of travels are the non touristy ones, I love to get deep into culture and be surrounded by locals, For this reason, I spent my first week in Mexico away in a small town called Valladolid. The heart of the Yucatan Jungle. What I didn’t realize before going here is that this is also the heart of spiders! Yes spiders. Our airbnb here was pure heart eyes but man there were spiders, scorpions, lizards…. must I continue? If you are not comfortable around insects, this may not ever be the place for you. For the most part, I do well with bugs and even I was a bit shook. Nonetheless, this was a lovely and private stay with a private pool… oh and let me not forget their outdoor shower… always a plus in my book… Check it out!

This stay is directly across the street from Cenote Sutyan. The day we visited this cenote we had it completely to ourselves, it couldn’t have been anymore perfect! It cost about 120 pesos to get in which is about $7 USD. If you get the opportunity to come here, you’ll be swimming amongst small friendly fish 🙂

Our jungle adventure came to an end and off to Tulum we went! Our first stay in Tulum we stayed at for a total of 8 nights, we spent about $33 a night (our most affordable stay) and what can I say, you get what you pay for. Definitely had my list of cons with this place but yes there were still some pros. Let me begin with, wifi sucks, don’t depend on it. Our shower got clogged repeatedly and it didn’t feel as clean as my virgo self would expect an airbnb to be. I still do recommend this place if you are looking for an affordable and aesthetically pleasing place. The pool is truly beautiful and shared with others staying in the property but for the most part it was always empty…. Click here to check it out.

Casita Maya Loft 9 / 1 / 2020

Moving on to my last and most favorite stay… Only about an 8 minute drive from Casita Maya so our move was a close one. This stay is one of a kind! Private pool, indoor/outdoor shower and a beautiful canopy that really set the mood. A perfect way to spend my birthday and end off our Mexico trip. We never wanted to leave this stay because everything about it was so enchanting. My one and only critique is that because this airbnb is newly built, there are little things I wish the room had, like forks, knifes and plates. If you want to cook on your vacation, this is not the place for you. No kitchen whatsoever but because everything else was so magical I was willing to overlook needing a plate for my mango. The host is very friendly and definitely went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed. Ok, I’ll let the listing speak for itself… Click here for a piece of paradise. Please note: there are multiple listings for this property. They have a different listing for each room, however all pictures are the same.

This wraps up my beautiful three week journey in Mexico. Overall the trip was life-changing, as most of my travels are. I am constantly discovering new parts of myself in different parts of the world, and Mexico was filled with pleasant ideas and surprises; I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Leave any comments below with suggestions, thoughts or questions.



When I began my spiritual journey at the age of 19, one of my biggest challenges was accepting people and situations as they came. I often held a high expectation as to how things should / should not be. Assuming that my way was somehow more superior / correct. This is sometimes still a struggle that is a constant daily practice but I’ve truly come a long way. Just two years ago, I was considered “bossy” and unknowingly this created so much tension in my body and overall life. I pushed many friends away because I imposed my opinion regularly. Somehow I believed my way was always the right way and those that chose not to listen, simply frustrated me.

Often times we feel the need to judge, correct or criticize. When people do things that we dislike, wanting to alter them and their choices can seem like second nature. However, this does not lead to happiness and losing friends because of your intensity, is never worth it. As I shifted deeper into awareness, I realized that people just want to be heard and my opinion was not necessarily the answer. I practiced listening, understanding and empathizing.


Learning to accept all things exactly as they are, is my daily practice. Remaining calm even in the most uncomfortable situations can be life transforming. When you truly grasp the idea that everything is flowing in Divine Harmony, you will lose the need to impose and criticize.

Accept all as-is, with grace.

Mindful Eating

Becoming more health conscious this year has been beyond empowering. Even though I have such a long way to go, I’ve been feeling like the ultimate cleansed goddess underneath my skin… What we choose to consume makes such a difference in our quality of life. Food was once for fuel and now we have it for solely pleasure. It’s no surprise that so many people have a ton of health issues. Instead of eating foods that heal their body, they are eating foods that only provide pleasure.

When I was 19 years old, I had completely stopped eating most of the foods I grew up around. White rice, meat, fast food, artificial salt, packaged seasoning, juice, soda…. I let it all go. I went from getting out of bed at noon feeling sluggish, to waking up at 8am feeling more alive than ever before. I still consumed some of those things occasionally, but it was no longer a daily routine. After beginning my yoga practice and eating healthier, I lost nearly 20 pounds. What I experienced was a rebirth. A mind, body and soul awakening.

I was made fun of by my family and old friends. They called me anorexic and said that I looked better when I was thicker. They were so stuck on who I was, that they couldn’t see my growth as growth. I was viewed as a weirdo for a long period of time. However, I never allowed that to phase me. I understood that I couldn’t judge them for not having the level of awareness that I had. I needed to forgive them and love them regardless. 

In 2016, I slowly began to let go. I disconnected from my health once again. I lost the drive and spark for healthy eating and all that did was cause more bad habits. Yes, I still ate healthy, but not enough to balance out the garbage I had began consuming again. I wanted to change, I wanted to go back to the awakening I had in the beginning of my journey. I knew that in order to reach the level of spirituality that I wanted to reach, I needed to control my diet.

I set a goal for 2017 to be more health conscious and give my body more nurturing foods. One month into the new year and I completely let go of dairy. I was exposed to the truth about the dairy industry and was absolutely mind blown! It’s been about 3 weeks of eating healthy and being dairy free and I can honestly say I feel UNSTOPPABLE. The desire I had for those unhealthy foods is completely gone. I’ve been riding this powerful, productive wave and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for where I am in life right now. My spiritual encounters are more frequent and I can feel my mental clarity expanding.



The foods you eat can either give you life or deplete it. At some point in time, we ate food for energy and now most people eat and fall asleep. The complete opposite of what should be happening is happening… You don’t have to alter your diet if you aren’t ready but trust me when I say that the discipline required to do so, can truly change your life. My partner has always told me, if your way of thinking and acting has changed since you were a teenager, then why hasn’t your diet? Here’s a powerful idea to ponder on. 

How do the foods you eat make you feel? Your body is constantly sending you signals and it will tell you when something isn’t right. Being bloated, gassy or sleepy after eating, are all signs that something is off balance. Listen to your body. Honor this physical tool where your soul resides. Bring more quality into your life through the foods that you eat. It will feel like a mission at first. You will come across bumpy roads, but nothing will be more fulfilling than the purity you soak in after.



Sade, Women and Nature

There is so much power in music and Sade is a living testament. Her words vibrate through my soul and feed my mind, body and spirit in many ways. One’s choice of music can truly have an impact on their character and overall life. As a young teenager, listening to Sade, I learned the significance of nature. I began to understand that there was no separation between me and my environment. This awareness allowed me to acknowledge my true feminine power.

Sade recognizes the connection between women and nature. In many of her videos, she portrays herself as Mother Earth. She is either under the sea, on top of a mountain or in the middle of the desert. No matter where she is, it’s most likely amongst nature. There is no separation between her and her surroundings. Sade humanizes nature. Reminding us that Mother Nature is alive, she is here and present with us, at all times.

The essence of nature is feminine

The term “Mother Nature” is not used by coincidence… A female’s womb creates life and so does nature. The ways in which a nurturing mother supports her child, through pregnancy, breast feeding and pure affection, is closely linked to the support nature provides for us and all other species. From fruits, vegetables, to the air that we breathe, nature is always here to be our loving mother. She responds to us and is constantly evolving with us.

“When women reassert their relationship with the wildish nature, they are gifted with a permanent and internal watcher, a knower, a visionary, an oracle, an inspiratrice, an intuitive, a maker, a creator, an inventor, and a listener who guides, suggests and urges life in the inner and outer world.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Below I added two of my favorite music videos by Sade. In the first video, called ‘No Ordinary Love’ she represents herself as Mother Earth. In the second video ‘Paradise’ she reveals herself as a nurturing mother. Aside from this, her words are influential and soulful. I hope these videos resonate with you as they do with me. Xoxo

Emotional Equlibrium

How many times have you done something you probably shouldn’t have because of your emotional state? It’s okay, it happens to every single one of us. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotions we feel because they feel real and everlasting in the moment in which we experience them. What we feel at times can certainly cloud our judgement. The emotions don’t necessarily have to be ‘negative’ either. High levels of happiness can also cloud us from seeing things as they actually are. I’ve caught myself many times making irrational decisions or arriving to false conclusions all because my perception was tainted by my feelings. Now to be clear, I’m not saying ignore what you feel! But what I will say is to create balance so that it doesn’t completely consume and fog you. I believe that cultivating emotional equilibrium will allow us to feel what we feel wholeheartedly while still remaining grounded and solid in our decision making. (This requires mindfulness as a daily practice). 

My first piece of advice is to understand that YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU FEEL. Your feelings are temporary, they change every few minutes. One moment you are hungry and irritable, the next moment you are laughing at a comedy show. When we identify ourselves with how we feel, we allow these emotions to completely take over our lives. Majority of the time, when we feel bitter, our actions show bitterness. When we feel scared, our actions show fear. Being able to feel our emotions while acknowledging that it is a fleeting state that will soon pass is key to creating emotional balance. Not only will this take us out of a victim mindset, but we literally reclaim our power altogether – Stepping into a more mature, grounded and powerful state of being. 

Another big component to emotional equilibrium is allowing yourself the time and space to ride your emotional wave. If you understand that emotions are temporary, give yourself the time to feel them without making major decisions. Often, at the peak of our happiness or frustration, we are quick to ‘act now’ but most of the time, it’s best to give it a day, or a week, to see if that choice still feels valid and true in your being. This requires a great amount of self awareness and self control. (This is still a practice for me) – Remember, life is about the journey, never the destination. Therefore, if you slip up, don’t be hard on yourself. Observe your emotions throughout the day. Reflect on them. Before making a comment or jumping to a conclusion, give yourself time to process and ask yourself, ‘is this what my higher self say or do?’