I am ciarawonder.

writer, dancer, creator, sensualist,

intuitive healer + spiritual visionary ๐“†ƒ

Bridging the gap between mind, body and soul, I live a spiritually charged lifestyle grounded in intentional choice making, daily self reflection and spontaneous adventure. Certified yoga instructor, intuitive bodyworker and herbalist in training, my purpose is to remind people of who+what they really are… (manifested bundles of pure divine creation.) Using personal experience, intuitive wisdom and earth’s natural medicine, I want to inspire people to step into their own unique sense of Godfidence


I am an advocate for beautiful living and believe that our homes should be our sanctuaries to fully support our growth. Currently, I run an online shop with carefully selected vintage pieces for the home and altar space. The shop was inspired to remind people that our healing begins in our home and therefore it should be our safe haven, decluttered and tastefully decorated. Alexander Den Heijer once said, “When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the enviorment in which it grows, not the flower”. It is our birth right to live stylish + beautified lives. I plan to work 1-on-1 and in groups with clients to encourage them to make healthier wholistic choices and embody a soul-full lifestyle ๐“†ƒ


I grew up in a Dominican household, surrounded by lots of love, bachata and my dad’s delicious Mangu. I am the bridge between Caribbean tradition and New York pop culture, engulfed with a good sense of rhythm and an eye for style + design.

At the age of 19, my life took a major turn, which has led me where I am now. I began practicing yoga, writing affirmations and connecting with my ancestors. At that age, I began studying metaphysics and took several courses in Philosophy. This new life encouraged me to begin exploring magic mushrooms, which awakened a new level of self awareness in me that was once dormant. Being a magic mushroom enthusiast, I strongly believe in the healing powers of psychedelics and how it could positively influence all of humanity.

A mover, healer and visionary – I am currently studying to broaden my horizon in holistic health, life coaching and Ayurvedic studies. Diving deeper into my artistic gifts such as writing, editing, creative directing, dancing, visual art and much more. My blog is aimed at uplifting, empowering and translating ideas + art to the world, creating lifestyle content to live by…. Sensual by nature, I am in tune with my divine femininity and use it as a creative force in my work.


~ On most days, I roll up some Cannabis with a hint of Lavender + Mugwort while Sade/Badu softly plays in the background. Slow stretching controlled by deep breathing eases me into a grounded relaxation.

Burning incense + journaling, watering plants and sipping hot tea are my rituals. ~

Virgo โ˜ผ  Scorpio โ˜ฝ  Libra โ‡ก

Photo taken by Ciara
Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru
April 2019

In the heart of tulum

In the midst of everything currently taking place in the world, I managed to escape New York for 3 weeks and end my Summer 2020 in Mexico. Whatโ€™s funny is that this trip was originally supposed to be a road trip through Arizona and into California but for the sake of saving some coin and [โ€ฆ]


As I began my spiritual journey at the age of 19, one of my biggest challenges was becoming accepting of people and situations. I often held a high expectation as to how things should or should not be. Although this is still a struggle that I am overcoming, Iโ€™ve truly come a long way. Just [โ€ฆ]