I n t u i t i v e   B o d y w o r k

Touch is one of the most powerful healing modalities. To touch and be touched is essential to the human spirit. The art of intuitive touch is one of of my channeled superpowers.

Now offering one full hour of deep relaxation which includes a variety of healing practices such as full body aromatherapy massage, pranayama, and sound healing. Intuitive bodywork sessions target all 5 senses. Infused herbal drinks are complementary.

Donation sliding scale $33 – $333

Every body and soul is unique and sessions will be tailored to your specific needs.

(Please note: I am not a certified massage therapist, just an intuitively guided gyal.

V a g i n a l s t e A M + M A S S A G E S e s s i o n s

An intuitively guided vaginal steam session, also known as yoni steam, to promote ultimate womb wellness. The herbs chosen are tailored to your speicifc yoni needs. Mini aromatheraphy massage is optional. Tea and infused water are complimentary.

Donation sliding scale $33 – $333

P r i v a t e   Y o g a   E x p e r i e n c e 

This is a 60 minute session that includes a yoga sequence tailored to your specific needs. Aromatherapy and guided pranayama meditation are also included. Intended to expand your inner Qi and enhance mental clarity, this experience will leave you feeling refreshed and confident to be fully in your power. Infused herbal drinks are complementary.

Donation sliding scale starting at $33 – $333 

(Please note: I am a certified 200hr Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Instructor)

1 on 1 Guidance calls

I hold space for those that want to be heard, supported and understood. We could all use some guidance from time to time, myself included. Offering 60 minute calls, a safe space to chat with me about anything to better support your healing and connection to source..

Calls are priced at $40

(Please note: I am not a certified therapist or life coach; rather a channel tapping into innate wisdom.)