The womb is the most sacred place on earth.

Yoni = Womb

In our modern day society womb health is extremely underrated, this is a big problem considering that we all came from a womb and our future legacy depends on the womb. So many women suffer from irregular + painful periods, constant infections, cysts, fibroids, hysterectomies and more! This is due to a number of things – one of them being our poor education system and the lack of information on how to heal our Yoni, holistically; using plant medicine and affirmations. Instead we are encouraged to use prescribed, pharmaceutical medicine that only creates more trauma and stagnation in our wombs. It’s time we go back to our ancient ways of healing and tending to the uterus and reclaim a wisdom that is already ours.


– Queen afua

I know that one of my many callings here on earth is to connect the modern day woman with the ancient yoni practices that supports fertility and a healthy moon cycle. We have been taught to dislike our moon cycle and so we disregard irregular/painful cycles and normalize them. That’s Not Normal. Fact: the word “period” to define our cleanse, comes from anthropologist and men that once claimed women go through a “periodic illness” ……….. It’s time to stop normalizing pain. it’s time to reclaim our innate womb wisdom. Many things contribute to womb imbalances and this page was created to spread awareness and provide long lasting relief.

Divine Feminine Hygiene: Yoni Steaming

Vaginal steaming, which is commonly known as ‘Yoni steaming’ is a holistic practice where women allow steam to rise into their uterus to promote deep healing. Warm water is infused with a wide variety of herbs thathave a high nutrient content. This steam nourishes and rejuvenates the womb.

Yoni steaming is a practice that I began about 4 years ago, on a quest to reawaken divine feminine energy in my body. I have been steaming on and off since the age of 22 but have been most consistent as of recently and feel such a positive shift. This practice has also helped many women that I know personally.

Benefits of yoni steaming:

  • regulates menstrual flow
  • reduces menstrual symptoms
  • supports overall well-being
  • relieves menopause symptoms
  • tightens and lifts the vaginal canal
  • helps alleviate vaginal odor
  • increases arousal and sensation
  • deepens relaxation and sleep
  • detoxifies the body and. balances hormones
  • releases stored trauma + energy from old partners
  • treats reoccurring infections, ovarian cysts and fibroids

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